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Old Yesterday, 06:10 PM
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Originally Posted by dennisfallen View Post
The whole world knew they were up to this for years. The vermin involved used plan their activities in a pub in the north side without fear of who might overhear.
I'm glad the authorities have finally caught up with them. Hope all their ill-gotten gains are siezed and the whole lot of the scum put in jail.
What pub? 🤔
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Originally Posted by doolaly View Post
Steady Meridian.....that's my home!
You need to go for a spin around the more mature upper class areas of this city and look at how people present their homes.

Stop following trends from halting sites and Norrie Corpo house dwellers who got some compo.
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Old Yesterday, 11:58 PM
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Originally Posted by SoundMan View Post
I'm no defender of those scumbags but to use the "sub human" term about another human being was a N@zi device to try to excuse their treatment of others in a way other human beings should not be treated. To deny their existence and basic rights as human beings is sinister and patently untrue.
Ah will you fuck off with your high moral ground bullshit! I for one would have no problem exterminating every last one of these disgusting degenerative inbred animals. In my book you lose the right to be treated like a human being when you act & live like a sewer rat.

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