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Old 03-09-2005, 03:38 PM
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Default Sick Trumpet The Label presents Opolopo

Sick Trumpet 1st Release Details... available from all decent record shops.

Cat No: ST001 Format - 7"
"Theme From Hot Spot / Closed Circuit" - OPOLOPO
Release Date: September 30 2005

Orders for retail… Goya Music

Audio Samples
Theme From Hot Spot

Closed Circuit

Hungarian born Swede, Peter Major, a.k.a Opolopo, has been immersed in soulful music since early childhood. Having a keyboard playing father with a respectable collection of jazz soul and fusion records laid out the obvious musical path. Artists like Herbie Hancock, Jeff Lorber, Earth Wind & Fire, Brecker Brothers, Bob James, George Duke, Quincy Jones, Chaka Khan, Gino Vannelli etc, started him off and are still major influences.

As well as playing in various funk and fusion bands, Peter started experimenting with production and recording right from the start. Starting out with overdubbing on cassette decks with a Casio VL Tone toy keyboard, through proper synths and beat boxes to computers. The production side of things slowly took over as his music became more and more dance oriented - he couldn't resist the beats, bass and energy. However he found a lot of dance music rather tedious after the first eight bars. The combination of dance elements with rich soulful musical content was the way to go. When composing he tries to write and produce music he himself would buy. Most of it is danceable but never looses the jazz and soul element. It’s like Herbie Hancock once said in an interview: "As much as I kept trying to make it funk, it kept integrating with these jazz elements, so after a while I stopped fighting."

After years of gigging with the band while perfecting production skills in the studio, it was time to approach the record labels. After few obscure releases he also drew the attention of the majors. The new millennium saw him doing soulful productions and remixes for Warner, Sony, Universal and BMG.

The Opolopo debut album was released in Australia in 2003, summing up the various elements that had made up his musical universe to that point. Spanning from d'n'b through house to soul, the album received great reviews and was on heavy rotation on club oriented radio stations.

Apart from working on material for a follow-up album, he's also involved in the live electronic jazz project Expansions. Fusing beats with laptops and live musicians while keeping everything loose and rearrangeable in real-time, focusing on the improvisational elements of jazz. The project has had some of Sweden's finest jazz musicians as guests and is currently brought to the studio for an upcoming album.

There are also some talked about remixes floating around the internet - new takes on classic r'n'b tracks that has raised many eyebrows. This has led to the upcoming original 7" releases on Phat Phil Coopers new label Sick Trumpet.


As the clubbing institutions of old begin to crumble and the relentless house beat slowly leaves the pop charts a new generation of clubbers are taking dance music back underground. Intimate venues, deeper sounds and close knit communities are taking over from super clubs, banging beats and big business. Here in Liverpool Sick Trumpet are spearheading the soulful dancefloor renaissance as they carve their own niche in the Capital of Culture’s revitalised music scene.

Like minded souls Phat Phil Cooper, Steve Hodge and Phil Charnock run the night and reside behind the decks. Each member of the trio has an enviable track record in DJing and Sick Trumpet is the culmination of their vast experience. The music policy is wide open to reflect their broad tastes with previous guests having included fellow ‘eclectitians’ Rainer Truby, Jigsaw Music DJs, Diesler, Blackbeard, Landslide, Kelvin Brown and local heroes such as DJ Conrad and Sarah Sweeney. Deep house, disco, dancefloor-jazz, hip hop, broken beat and any other form of good soulful music could be heard. The great thing about a night at Sick Trumpet is not knowing what style of record you could hear next. A loyal core of regulars support the night, following it from the murky basement below a Kebab House in Liverpool where the adventure started through to its current home; the legendary raw dance space The Lemon Lounge. Each party seems to be better than the last and the Sick Trumpeters are always bowled over by the great response to the genre-defying sounds.


Matty J, Nuphonic and Chibuku

Track one (Theme From Hot Spot) does it for me, that guitar reminds me of a Chic b-side I play, cant remember what its called will have to dig it out. Its got that MFSB / Salsoul Orchestra disco-fied funk flowing through it. Right up my alley.

Proper Blacksploitation chase theme-tastic…

Diesler, TruThoughts

"Really into this. Some sweet disco vibes and that 'Closed Circuit' is really deep and cool. A strong first spew from the Sick Trumpet lads!!"

Kev Beadle, Solar Radio

Like track 2, but more for playing out than for my radio show.

Mr Scruff, Keep It Unreal, Ninja Tunes, Hotpot Radio Show.

A - Theme From Hot Spot “not bad”
B - Closed Circuit “my favourite, good intro, though ends up as quite a straight tune...(promises to be a bit wonky)”

Rainer Truby

I really dig the "Closed Circuit" track. Very nice fusion harmonies in that George Duke kind of vein. Well done. All the best, Looking forward to hearing your new material. Cheers, Rainer

Yogi Haughton, DJ magazine.
SUREPLAYER - DJ mag 10th – 23rd June

Phat Phil Cooper is the man behind the Sick Trumpet stable and knowing Phil as I do, it comes as no surprise that this label has taken an old skool stance. Phil has always harbored an interest in jazz/funk and Northern Soul, as well as enjoying bang up-to-date music too. Now his festering jazz/funk and soul sore has ruptured into positive action, via a damn fine release featuring two very credible funk cuts. ‘Theme From Hot Spot’ features wiggling keyboards, not unlike those found on Incognito’s interpretation of ‘Always There’. Whipping strokes of the guitar, as favored by Isaac Hayes on ‘Disco Connection’, are strewn everywhere and so too are copious amounts of cop show strings. ‘Closed Circuit’ is the sting in the jazz/funk tail here. You would be forgiven for thinking that this was a long lost Locksmith, Kleeer or Mass Production track, it really is that funky. Gigantic phat funk bass cuts through the bars like a boy racer on speed, throbbing handclaps waft the funk ferociously, big piano stabs pounce and plucky guitars keep the pace cranked right up. Time to get the leg warmers, beret, and tight Lee jeans with cuts at the bottom of the seams and jazz shoes out of the wardrobe!

James Baron – Crazy Penis
Theme From Hot Spot is definitely my favourite out of the two, well put together with a chorus change that gives a nod to the love walrus himself! This track has retained all of the 'soul' without compromising its dance floor effect, which is a big plus for me - keep 'em comin'

Frank Tope – Rooty DJ
Loving the blaxploitation vibes on the original rather than the house mix, although the house mix has got a well tasty bassline, would like to hear a more stripped down version.

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