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Old 16-05-2006, 10:22 AM
johnnie c johnnie c is offline
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Good reply Who Else. Two questions for you. Is any of the material you covered on the dip relevant to your job and what was your degree in before doing the dip ? Was your degree also a factor in getting the good job that you got ?
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Old 22-05-2006, 11:44 AM
WhoElse WhoElse is offline
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The only bits that were relavant were network technologies (basically the different networking protocols from soup to nuts, as well as a very 'for-dummies' description of how routers, bridges, etc work), and the other one was... i can't remember the name... but it was basically a run-through of all the hardware principles in PCs/servers, and the theory behind them.
The latter was handy for introduction to things like RAID technologies, virtual memory & pagefiles, CPU queueing and peripherals liek cache RAM - nothing that anyone working in hardware for a while wouldn't pick up themselves, but it would have helped in the interview.

Now it was only all theory, but it helped me learn a bit faster in practise alright.

Priomary degree was English, with a psychology minor - so basically i was blagging my way into IT!
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