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Default Squeaky bum time in Prociership 1 & 2

Down to the nitty gritty, stay strong now lads.


1 Athletico Aghaduff 2,107
2 The Good Ol Boys! 2,104
3 Sporting Retrochimp 2,104
4 Creme De La Prem 2,090
5 Sultans Of Ping FC 2,075
6 Don't have a Kalou! 2,063
7 FCUK Dermititus 2,042
8 Munster United 2,039
9 Dynamo Douglas 2,020
10 Oh Bollock 2,000

Prociership 2

1 Baldoyle Bowsies 2,121
2 Armitage Shanks 2,058
3 Fitter Happier 2,034
4 Pathetic Athletic 2,024
5 Dowtcha Denidona Boy 2,017
6 poker united 2,014
7 Overshoes United 1,989
8 OdD sOx F.C. 1,973
9 czikarito 1,971
10 Four in a row? 1,967
anything that bleeds for 5 days every month without dying deserves the odd bunch of flowers.
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