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Old 26-02-2006, 02:21 AM
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Default some tasty electro: frankie bones mix n silicon scally liveset

first up from Frankie Bones, not the best mixing, but soooo many wicked tracks


01. - slade brothers - riot 66 (throw, u.s)
02. - netzwerk florida - earth.wind.fire (monotone u.s)
03. - advent - runners (ffrr, u.k.)
04. - anthony rother - nummern/computerwelt 2 (electrolux, germany)
05. - i-f - playstation #2 (disko b, germany)
06. - mas 2008 - journey to the 4th dimension (twilight 76, u.s...)
07. - shiver - subsonic soundscape (shiver, holland...)
08. - cybotron - clear (fantasy, u.s.)
09. - sem - area 5 (electron industries, u.k.)
10. - galaxy 2 galaxy - deep space 9 (u.r., u.s.)
11. - keith tucker - alien radio (twilight 76, u.s.)
12. - radioactive man - uranium (rotter's golf club, u.k.)
13. - frankie bones - bonesbreaks 2000 - let's jack (badmotherf**ker, via bml, u.s.)
14. - anthony rother - destroy him my robots (electrolux, germany)
15. - twilight 22 - electric kingdom (vanguard, u.s.)
16. - soulsonic force - planet rock (bones 91 re-edit)(white)
17. - dopplerffekt - sterilization (dataphysix engineering, detroit)
18. - electro nation - fist man (a.f.u. records, germany)
19. - the beat club - security (electrobeat, u.s.)
20. - anthony rother - describe reality (electrolux, germany)
21. - mental mayhem - where are they hiding (atmosphere records, u.s.)
22. - hashim - al-naa-fysh (frankie bones 90 remix (injection dance label, holland)
23. - sole tech - sole waves (Detrechno, u.s.)
24. - stem - radiotron (frequency records, u.k)
25. - greyhouse - new beats the house (house nation, u.s)
26. - bass junkie - a bass oddyssey (parallax, u.k)
27. - drexciya - the countdown has begun (u.r., u.s)
28. - nolet - fastfood kennel dogs (spring collective, germany)

silicon scally live set

for the SS one when you get to the page, select language for downloads, select a language, then a page pops up for email address, fill it click ok and u can dl. bit of a pain but nearly all new material.

john tejada and david duriez mixes there too
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Old 26-02-2006, 02:29 AM
pseudonominous pseudonominous is offline
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class stuff
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Old 26-02-2006, 12:08 PM
Raulie Raulie is offline
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nice... very dark... pure electro... I like my music slightly harder and more twisted, but love the melodies here... this stuff reminds me a lot of the i-f mixes I've heard... the frankie bones mix that is..
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