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Originally Posted by aidandang View Post
saw a news report a couple of years ago from wales warning people about weed that was dusted with crushed glass. crushed fuckin glass?!?!?! fuckin wankers
ye can easily tell the difference if they say 'Look at the 'Dust' (Or THC Crystals) ...

Pick a piece of the bud up by the stem in your index finger and thumb. now cup the palm of your other hand and just tap into it with your little finger... i.e. don't touch your other palm with the bud - just tap it over the palm

Put the piece of bud down...

now using your middle finger lightly touch the palm of the hand you tapped into... If you can feel a slight stickiness then the 'Dust' is genuine THC Crystals - if you can't then it's been dusted with powered glass which if you touch gently you can just feel but it won't stick ...

btw This is the place your talking about - if it asks ye to log in just click cancel..
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