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Default Philip Ryan / Oisin Murphy / Dan Ring - Feb 21

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Thursday Feb 21st at Wax

Philip Ryan [www.cypher-music.net]
Oisin Murphy [Electric City]
Dan Ring [www.electricity-dublin.com]

Admission - e6 / Free with flyer before 12

First up this week is EC Webmaster and supporter from the early days, Dan Ring. A great DJ who has ran the gamut from DJ Boss to italo-disco - he plays it all even more than Giles 'Have Serrato, Will DJ' Armstrong. Dan will be rocking out the electro and italo sounds [see below] this week providing a super fluid link to Oisin Murphy. Killer DJ Oisin will be getting his hands on the mixer this week for a change instead of bringing it down and lending it to us on a regular basis like the peasants we truly are at EC. Another true soldier of the EC infantry (Underground Resistance Ed.), Oisin has played the club more times than we can CTRL+F the past DJ's list but it has been loads and there's a really good reason - he's a really good DJ. And speaking of really good DJs.....

Shutting up shop this week will be Philip Ryan. Phil was a frequent guest at EC during the early years but this will be his first time playing Wax. He runs the mix friendly http://cypher-music.net where you can check out loads of mixes from some of Irelands best DJ's and Simon Conway. He put together a wee promo mix especially for this Thursday. Here's the link http://cypher-music.net/ECFeb08Mix.mp3 and track listing:

Convextion - Ondes (Down Low)
Robert Hood - Grey Move (M-Plant)
DJ Hyperactive - Slide (Contact)
.xtrak - Enim (Peacefrog)
Tractile - Stay Out (Minus)
Cristian Vogel - Never Too Late (Primate)
Cristian Vogel - Angry Sausage Dog (Tresor)
Jeff Mills - Condor to Mallorca [Transition mix] (Axis)
Misc - Quartz (Sender)
Alec Empire - Cool Dawn (Force Inc)
Speed Jack - Storm (R&S)
Black Arts - Bad Mutha (Black Arts)
Danny Casseau Vs Chich - Ypsion (Blackpitchmusic)
Frame Six - Glimmen (Indulge)
The Hacker - Night Ocean (Dancefloor Killers)

Dan Ring Chart & Mixes:

1) Ali Renault - Zombie Raffle (Dissident RENAULT 4)
2) The Subs - Arpolis (Suicide SCD 00
3) Unknown Artist - Spacerock (Les Edits du Golem, Golem #3)
4) Shemale - Untitled EP (Bunker 3074)
5) Methusalem - Zombie (ESonCD 20061-2)
6) The Hasbeens - Keep Fooling Yourself (Clone C#51)
7) S.C.O.R.T.A. - Pertini Dance (1984 Italo Moustache Edit) (Moustache MST 006)
New American Orchestra - Blade Runner (End Titlle Reprise) (Warner WEA 99 262 K)
9) Voyage - From East To West (Marlin 2213)
10) Black Devil Disco Club - Devil In Us (LoRec LLP 5

.................... .................... .................... .
Electric City
Thursdays @ Wax
Powerscourt Townhouse
Sth William Street. Dublin 2.
Doors 11 until late
Music: Minimal / Italo / Techno
Membership at www.electricity-dublin.com
e3.50 Drinks Deals : Bottle of Prazsky / Pint of Amstel / Druids Glen Apple / Druids Glen Pear / Druids Glen Mixed Berry / Druids Glen Star Fruit / Druids Glen Pommegranate & Raspberry / Vockova Vodka & Dash of Redbull / VK Ice / VK Blue / VK Orange/Tequila Shots / Sambuca Shots
.................... .................... .................... .

Feb 28th - e20 + B/fee // Tickets from Big Brother Records, Temple Bar.

Electric City 5th Birthday Part 1:

Chris Liebing [CLR - Frankfurt]
The Advent *Live [Kombination Research - Lisbon]

Mar 6th - e6 / Free with flyer before 12

EC Residents:

Dan McElligott
Dan Power
Eddie Brennan
Jay Galligan
Rian Ryan
.................... .................... .................... .
To subscribe to the Electric City members list send a mail with 'subscribe' in the Subject field to: electricitypromotion s@eircom.net
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