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Old 07-10-2005, 03:27 PM
spudgun spudgun is offline
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Default Change of Headline Act for A Place Full Of Bassful: Clone Records

So ah heres the stroy, instead on Mr Tyrell The head of Clone Records, DJ Serge will be playing. He founded Clone and gave careers and has released records from the likes of:

Adult, Alden Tyrell, Bangkok Impact, Cosmic Force, Der Zyklus, Detroit In Effect, Dexter, Dijf Sanders, Drexciya, Duplex, EOG, Funckarma, Heath Brunner, I-f ,klen,Legowelt, Like A Tim, Marco Bernard, iNukubus, Orgue Electronique, Pametex, Phako, Putsch 79, Raoul, Sendex, and Unit 4


The reason Alden cannot play is as follows:

The dutch man has a gig on the saturday in Sweden, due to commitments there he wont make it to Cork in time to play.
Toodling In Toodle City

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Old 07-10-2005, 03:49 PM
spudgun spudgun is offline
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Serge is the owner of Clone. He runs his record store and mailorder business along a distribution company (which distributed labels such as Bunker, Viewlexx, Creme, Klakson , Eat This, Murdercapital and many others) and he runs his two record labels Clone records and DUB recordings.
He has been collecting music since 1987 when he got hit by the early Chicago and Detroit sounds and has been playing in Dutch clubs and parties ever since.
Since the early 90’s he has been one of the influential Dutch underground dj’s playing high quality dance music and has been dj’ing as resident in a holiday club since the early '90s on the west coast of Holland.

He played at the most obscure underground acid parties with Unit Moebius in the mid '90s and at locations all over Holland, national club nights at Paradiso, Melkweg, Nightown and many other well known cubs; festivals like Lowlands, 5 Days Off / 10 Days Off
and many others.
It wasn't long after that he became in demand in other countries across all the globe. Cities such as Miami, Berlin, Paris, London, Köln,
Rome, Frankfurt, Glasgow, Gent, Helsinki all experienced his sound. Slowly he spread the Clone gospel with his Dj sets and the music he
has been releasing on his label.
Artists such as I-f, Adult., Carl Craig, Duplex, Funckarma, Dexter, Speedy J, Cosmic Force, Electronome, Perspects, Alden Tyrell, Mocky, Detroit In Effect, Legowelt, Bangkok Impact, Duplex, Tiefschwarz
and many others released music on his labels.

The new compilation "The Men You’ll Never See" just has been released and is creating a big stir everywhere.
Also albums such as Drexciya Grava 4 and Labrat XL , Legowelt – Classics are considered real cult classics.

Clone records is one of the few labels wich follows a personal musical taste and it doesn't follow any trends...
(but more often sets a trend by putting out great music and not fashion hypes).

Clone is known as one off the labels that created the current electro and disco revival and the releases of Clone can be found in boxes of
many well known influential dj's around the globe.
Toodling In Toodle City
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Old 07-10-2005, 06:47 PM
Interstellar Fugitive Interstellar Fugitive is offline
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mike, drop over here to frankfurt for hallowe'en, clone lads throwin a party w/ alden, dexter n serge. ya can give alden grief to his face. serge is supposed to be a rediculously class dj anyways
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Old 09-10-2005, 11:33 AM
Reef Reef is offline
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Pity we won't be seeing Alden play but Serge should make up for it nicely - Clone is an unreal label and if he's playing a lot of their records it should make for some tasty tunes! I've been listening to a mix (from 2004) of his there this morning, absolutely lovely stuff - have a listen for yourselves:



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Old 09-10-2005, 03:50 PM
rocky black rocky black is offline
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pity alden cant make it alright. still going to head along though. has the makings of a class night, so much stuff going on in the club
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