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Default You Slut, Alright The Captain, Nancy Spains May 13th

Very Short Men present


4/5 Kerrang!
"Those with a taste for the unpredictable will undoubtably succumb to Critical Meat's genre-teasing charms...You Slut! leave conventional music with its pants around its ankles, shivering and cold in a dark alley."

8/10 Rock Sound Magazine
"This ain't no standard post-rock by numbers nonsense...Critical Meat has something for everyone."

4/5 Big Cheese
"Eschewing post-rock and instrumental trends to replicate Mogwai...They've got the angularity of At the Drive-in and the playfulness of Dartz!"

5/5 Drummer Magazine "A blend of jugular attcking punk/prog with guitar melodys you'll be whistling for weeks"



“9/10″ - AU Magazine

“5/5” – Beardrock

“the varying time patterns and distortions used give the band a wider scope for avoiding repetitive sounds that haunt some bands” – The Silent Ballet

“It’s totally out there – not in a chin-stroking way, but in a punching the air, chest-beating, celebratory “we love music” way. It’s sick, nasty, ill and ballin’” – Leftlion

“to the musically adventurous, to those prepared to strap themselves in and go for the ride, this record borders on near genius. With the energy of Holy Fuck, the complexity of ASIWYFA, and an unabashed love for musical adventure, Alright the Captain have produced a chaotically punchy slice of perfection in this stunning release. 9/10″ – TastyZine

“although there are a lot of bands around at the moment making Math-Rock, there aren’t many who are doing it like this. Buy the album, fill your house with mates and booze, stick it on the stereo and turn the volume up to full. You’ll see what I mean” – The 405

“The credo of Snib is clearly the dichotomy of meandering, hypnotic passages and the crunching cacophony. There are a multitude of math-laden riffs and arrangements akin to Adebisi Shank but also serene whirs and hums that hark to more elegant influences that have found their way into Alright The Captain’s palette” – Drop D

“Snib is the product of three genuinely unpretentious young chaps ripe with potential” – RockSound

“The instrumental rock stylings of Alright the Captain veer from ‘jazz odyssey’ moodscapes to fist-making stadium-rousers” – CultureNorthernIrela nd

“Alright The Captain interlace complex and obscure melodies with some extremely sensible song structures” – Drop-D.ie

“contrast the harsh, abrasive moments with gentler strands in their songwriting, bringing in eclectic influences that hypnotise – quite simply, they manage to evoke the whole spectrum of emotions with their music” – One Beat


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BUMP! Tomorrow night, doors at 9.
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Bump, tonight.
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Ballet Intense with Andrea Palacios
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Cork City FC V Bohemian Fc
Turners Cross Stadium, 7:45 pm

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