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Old 21-09-2005, 06:38 PM
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Default A Room Full Of Tuneful this Sunday 25 Sept

A Room Full Of Tuneful - "make the most of your sundays"
Doors 9.30pm, First act 9.45pm Adm €5 inc free pint before 11.30

4 bands + 2djs = Club 1, Sunday Night
one big stage, people playing ever second song, kind of

conor barron alongside honest spud leonard

audio gypsies alongside red sea pedastrians

then DJ a-rama with
ian richards (big room)
derek and sam (less big room)


Imagine if cork was built on the Mississippi rather than the Lee. As a rule, the band takes rock n’ roll and injects it with a dose of ironic wit. As a faux folk preacher-man, soaked in the edgy blasphemy of Howlin’ Wolf, the manic lawlessness of Zappa, and the surrealism of Tom Waits, comes Audio Gypsies, where the darker shades of humour see Django Reinhardt’s fussy nomad jazz collapse into a vaudeville reminiscent of P.T. Barnum’s totally un-P.C. America.

The Red Sea Pedestrians
An eclectic mix of progressive acoustic tunes, rock roots and uplifting funky melodies. Live the Red Sea Pedestrians have to date converted many discerning ears and if comparisons must be made then band would find good company with the likes of The Dave Matthews Band, Ben Harper, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and U2. <www.redseapedestria n.com>

and more

4 bands, comedy and 2 DJ's and don't forget there's a fairtrade coffee/tea & cakes/biscuit stall, so you have options. €2 for a munch and a cup all hosted by THE MAN WITH THE HAT

that's this sunday 25 Sept @ Club One, Phoenix St
Doors 9.30pm, First act 9.45pm Adm €5 inc free pint before 11.30

c'mon make the most of your sundays!
"the man with the hat since 1999"
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Old 21-09-2005, 06:40 PM
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