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Old 13-10-2017, 12:56 PM
redrocky redrocky is offline
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Those lads are overage alright, Douglas wont be bad either lads, apart from Kingston and probably Powter theyve a good few hurled Harty with Rochestown and a few minor footballers who canhurl as well - turnbull is a loss for them alright
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Old 13-10-2017, 02:24 PM
RightHalfBack RightHalfBack is offline
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Originally Posted by indenetprovider View Post
Both Niall Cashman and Cathal Cormac overage for Rockies but they should be in the mix given their recent underage history

Im amazed at accolades for Sars - their minor success handed to them on a plate by Killeagh if Im not mistaken a year or two ago, followed by defeats to Douglas and then Na Piarsaigh in years when they should have gotten over the line

Jack O Connor and Murphy though I have to say maturing into fine players

I agree with Rocky Killeagh wont be far away, and I hear Midleton have that young lad Manley back hurling with them - thought he had been lost to soccer - hes a prospect if he sticks at it
I thought Midleton were gone now - beaten by Na Piarsaigh and Douglas

Douglas lucky enough to beat Sars in 2015 final - Shane Kingston came on for last 7 mins and scored 1-2 if I remember right. Sars flopped last year for sure but still had two on the Cork minors and they won it in 2014. It's their consistency over 3 years that would make me say they have a strong shout. If Turnbull was fit I would slightly favour Douglas over Sars as they still have a lot of last years team but even at 17 last year Turnbull was a massive player for them - he is a huge huge loss.

It should be open enough overall and maybe Glen could be the dark horses again - O Connell, Dooling, Coughlan all big players plus add in Downey and a bunch of minors - no pushovers.
From last Sunday's senior semi Na Piarsaigh will have Fordes x2, Guest, Lee, Gunnings x2, Sheehan, Hanafin plus a bunch of last years minor team so they will be very strong also.

It's great to have all these games to look forward to
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Old 13-10-2017, 04:02 PM
moccork moccork is offline
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A Darragh Fitzgibbon V Shane Kingston shoot out in next round.
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