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Old 02-03-2009, 03:12 PM
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Default Freakscene's 15th Birthday bash!

We'll be setting a new Irish record for the longest running clubnight in Ireland, thanks to all of you who supported us down through the years.

We've a great band line-up including a Cork City debut gig for the extremely talented Brad Pitt Light Orchestra (hotly tipped by Alison Curtis, also being played a lot by Paul McCloone).

Silo were featured on 2 fm by Cormac battle yesterday.

When Good Pets Go Bad are brand new but were invited to support the Sultans this Christmas, also supported Fred.

Hope Is Noise - hopefully you are all already familiar with this band as they are undoubtedly one of the best bands in Cork; amazing live band!!

I'll Eat Your Face - What can you say about this band? Insane metal instumental 2 piece, totally doing their own thing and it's really good!

Assassins A Cork super group of sorts formed especially for the night from members of Carbon Copy, My Evil Ex, Echogram, Alterosa. 3 of these bands played at previous Freakscene Lives, they plan on doing an electro/industrial rock type set doing covers of NIN, Pendulum, Smashing Pumkins etc ...........just to rock the gaf like!!

I'll come back with links for all the bands.

The night is a little different in that we ask each band to perform some covers of their favourite Freakscene songs in their own style plus a sample of their own material. so it doubles as a showcase for the bands but also creates a party atmosphere. It has been a brilliant night since we started this particular concept for our birthday a few years back!
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Old 03-03-2009, 06:03 PM
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I'll put up links to all the bands, first up is the Brad Pitt Light Orchestra as this will be their first Cork City gig.

YouTube link to their 'hit single' - December, a great song!


The music of the indefinable Limerick phenomenon that is The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra's features a blend of warm vocal harmonies, classy instrumentation and ear-catching melodies. They are desperately hard to categorise yet strangely easy to love.
Seeing them live has been described by one bystander (randomly chosen) as a vibrant, life-affirming experience.

'The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra are a seven-member band from all corners of Ireland, none of them named Brad. They cleverly released a beautiful festive song called December in time for Christmas, which I compared to Arcade Fire. I predict good things for them in 2009.'
Alison Curtis - The Ticket

'Enjoyable and uplifting!'
Paul McLoone - Today FM

'Best of the (Flatlake) fest, though, was Saturday's late-night performance from The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra. They had us waltzing in the big top.'Alan O'Riordan - Irish Examiner

The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra


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Old 03-03-2009, 09:57 PM
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Hope Is Noise
Hope Is Noise played Freakscene Live once before and were absolutely fantastic performing covers of Nirvana's Aneurysm and the Cure 'Boy's Don't Cry'. Their own material is fantastic so I'm not overstating it when I say that we are absolutely thrilled to have them back!

Hope is Noise were formed in late 2004 from the ashes of other musical adventures. Their recorded output includes 2 EPs "Words to burn you" (2005) 'The Worm Has Turned' (2006) and an album 'Applaud Friends, The Comedy Is Over' (2007), which has received much critical praise. Live performances have also attracted much attention as Hope is Noise have played extensively across Ireland as well as Europe and the west coast of America. They are currently getting ready to record their second album.
Hope is Noise is made up of four school friends who have been playing together in different bands for over 12 years. We jam, record and play live for the nothing more than the sheer enjoyment music gives us. Life should not just be a nine to five job.

Album: Hope is Noise :: 'Applaud Friends, The Comedy Is Over'

Record Label Rimbaud Records/SquintandDraw Records

This is a fine album, a hopeful album….a cut above the average….if you like your tuneful post-hardcore and bands like Whipping Boy and Hot Snakes and Trail Of The Dead, if you like clever anthemic rock with a little twist and turn and a little bit of details that makes them stand out from the crowd, if you like delivered with a caustic edge, then this is for you... rather good, like it lots’
Organ Magazine

Hope Is Noise - Bakersfield California 2007


See 'Hope Is Noise' rocking California 2 years ago! Great song, brilliant performance!

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Old 04-03-2009, 04:06 PM
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When Good Pets Go Bad

When Good Pets Go Bad are a Cork based four piece influenced by bands such as Sonic Youth, The Pixies and The Rapture to name but a few!
When Good Pets Go Bad came onto the scene in Cork in July 2008 they lost four consecutive battle of the bands but despite this the group's infamous ego has not been bruised, they have soldiered on, and continue to write their own unique brand of top class rock n' roll! After playing support slots with the likes of Fred and Sultans of Ping, they have become the critic's choice, some even going as far as to label the band as 'grand like'. When Good Pets Go Bad area band not to be missed!



Talula perfomed live at The Triskel!

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Old 04-03-2009, 07:12 PM
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"It's punky, it's raw, it's honest, it's not complicated. I love it to bits."
Cormac Battle on "Unlucky for Some", 2fm (Feb '09)
"... if they'd been around [Seattle] in the mid-'90s, Sub-Pop would've signed them in a heartbeat. Tight and turbulent, 'Unlucky for Some' has a dark, angsty, throw-yourself-around-the-room energy."
Olaf Tyaransen, Hot Press (Jan '09)

"... full of energy and attitude"
Jackie Hayden, Hot Press (Dec '0

"...I'm glad this band was brought to my attention. They are the best Irish band I have heard since I laid ears on Berkeley a few years ago, who coincidentally share a similar '90s post-indie rock sound as Silo. Just because you don't live in Ireland, that is no excuse not to support this band... rating 5/5"
www.siczine.com (Nov '0

"Silo are very good at what they do - it is loud, it is pumping and it is full, oh so full of angst ... their popularity is more than justified"
www.redtrackmusic.com (Oct '0

Silo are a four-piece alternative rock band from Cork, Ireland. Since forming in 2001 the band have gone through numerous line-up changes, seeing them develop musically into one of Cork's premier original acts. The current line up, which has been intact since the summer of 2007, brought brothers Shane and Cian O'Leary together with original members Philip Murphy and Eoin Ryan.

Since this union, the band has taken leaps and bounds developing their sound into a rocking yet melodic force. Not only have Silo played extensively throughout Ireland but they have also been invited to showcase their music in London by management companies and record labels.

An early demo saw the band being picked for the National Student Music Awards in 2008. Later in 2008 the band recorded and released their debut single "Unlucky for Some" to a vibrant reaction from the Cork music scene and 2009 will see the band attempt to build on this success throughout the rest of the country.

The band were "Pick of the Fortnight" in Jackie Hayden's First Cuts column in Hot Press for the same single which led to it receiving regular airplay on most of Ireland's radio stations. The single also received an extremely positive review in the following issue of the magazine.

Silo recorded a live session for Cormac Battle's 2fm show in early 2009 which was featured last Sunday, showcasing some brand new material which will be featured on their upcoming debut album. Work on said album is heavily underway and the band is booked in to begin recording in July 2009

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Old 04-03-2009, 07:50 PM
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I'll Eat Your Face

I'll Eat Your Face arrived from planet Cans to entertain and irritate with their short, fast songs and even shorter and faster pants. By mixing the sounds of a kango-hammer and a man shouting over a cartoon, IEYF are the ideal way to start any night of disgraceful debauchery and good-time lunacy with their succulent nonsense. I'll Eat Your Face intend to IMPREGNATE the WORLD with their DIABOLICAL GUFF.
"I'll Eat Your Face are anything but a rational band, and more a primal force of nature"
Metalireland.com, Feb 09

I'll Eat Your YouTube!


Mad, bad and not to be missed!

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Old 04-03-2009, 07:59 PM
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Assassins will take no prisoners on March 11th with a carefully chosen set of Electronica, Rock and Industrial Freakscene classics from artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumkins, Muse, Pendulum etc.
Assassins are a Cork supergroup of sorts made up of members from bands such as Echogram, Carbon Copy, Alterosa and MyEvilEx! The band came together especially for the Freakscene birthday party, 3 of the bands have previously played Freakscene Lives. So Assassins know what they are about and will complete their mission to to bash out an explosive set that will rock Freakscene!

Ronan McGrath and Conor MacSweeny bring the hard electronic rock sound of Echogram to the mix while Cormac O'Regan and Jenny Judge add the unique sonic textures of Alterosa. Cian MacSweeny (Carbon Copy) will drive out vocals and guitars through this eclectic mix of musicians and styles.

Assassins are coming!
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Old 10-03-2009, 09:40 PM
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Just a reminder that this is tomorrow night, should be a good one. Doors 8.30p.m
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Old 12-03-2009, 05:21 PM
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So did this go?
gigs | music | photos

Originally Posted by maggot
People who keep using words like rattled, pawned, etc... need to get a fuckin' life!
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