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Old 04-04-2008, 02:46 PM
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Default SXSMfest Fred Zeppelins Cork may 2&3rd Grinding Halt, Insuiciety, Drainland, Mongoli

Friday May 2nd
Fred Zeppelins Cork


Like their countrymen and recent visitors Cathode and Staahaat, Grinding Halt are proof that the Dutch are currently responsible for some of the most crushing hardcore on the planet. A brutal mixture of punk rage and beefy down tuned guitars that's the sonic equivalent of government buildings being demolished by a wrecking ball. Their split lp with Vuur is easily one of the best european records of the last 5 years, and live they will steamroller you. ex members of Shikari and office Killer if you're keeping score. www.myspace.com/wwghd


Having spent the year thus far writing new material and adjusting to being a four piece, the 2008 Drainland is a heavier and more dynamic than their initial incarnation. Metallic low end-driven hardcore that erupts into bursts of high speed violence or crawling dirge without the slightest warning.Total aggro.Their debut vinyl release (a split 7" with the UK's Battle of Wolf 359) will be finally available at these gigs.


High speed punk action from Galway

Saturday May 3rd
Fred Zeppelins Cork


Totally devastating and refreshingly original doom/sludgecore from Berlin. These guys and girl definitely carve their own bloody niche in this over-saturated genre, which has something to do with the occassionally off kilter rhythms a la DAMAD or KYLESA, but probably most to do with Ajka's insane, accented vocals, making them sound like (to egregiously confuse cultures for a second) a female-Dracula-fronted EYEHATEGOD. Definitely recommended for fans of GRIEF, GRAVES AT SEA, and the aforementioned bands.


Stoner wolves wandering deserts covered in purple haze.


Sea area forecast are galvin, phil and plug. they make music in a garage somewhere in cork. loud music. they've each played in loads of other bands. let's mention a few: weevil, lerner, the water reference, serotonin, painting by numbers, hooray for humans and fuckloads of others. what else... there's an old snare stand in the corner that apparently used to belong to someone who drummed for microdisney. factoid!



its €6 in each night or €10 for both night
Doors 9 both nights,
and its a bank holiday so ya can get fucked both nights and drink the hangovers away on the Sunday, maybe to some cheesy rock !!!!
sorry stole everybody else's descriptions for the bands,
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Old 04-04-2008, 03:16 PM
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fair play
and good luck

name alone is great
ringo: music bingo

probably the world's best music intro based comedy game
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Old 04-04-2008, 03:22 PM
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Haha great name

Good idea, fair play
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