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Originally Posted by Tube a Pringles View Post
But it shouldn't be a scary thing. Fighting it is like standing on the beach trying to stop the tide coming in. We have to realise that the future of the city center lies in rethinking and reusing property for housing and leasure. This was on the cards 10 years ago and the city council should have had a long term plan for it.
The old concept of travelling to a central location to buy consumer items is extinct.

The canute like approach of City Council in zoning areas of the city as "High end retail" is completely out of date.

The future is in coffee shops, restaurants, cafés and services.

Offline retail is over.

Imagine driving into town to buy an airline ticket. That's what people used to do twenty years ago.

It sounds just as ridiculous now to us as driving into town to buy a shirt will sound in twenty years time.
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