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Originally Posted by meetyouatgrandparade View Post
Another point. This case refers to someone on a protected wing of the prison so they would be locked up 23 hours a day without a toilet. There is European Law that has ruled on such cases. Irish Courts whether they like it or not (High Court Judges often don't) have to be guided by that.
Protection Also houses mhi and suicide watch. It's not all nonces and rapists that's for sure. Also it houses weak individuals who couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag and have been battered and bullied. so imo the most vulnerable group of prisoners has suffered the most.
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Sex offenders wouldn't be in mountjoy (portlaoise if on remand and arbour hill usually if sentenced). The vast majority of protected prisoners would be there because of feuds (traveller/gang) but there could be first time offenders who are getting bullied.

Suicide watch would be in the medical unit.
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