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Old 05-11-2019, 11:38 AM
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Default RIXE - Paris Oi! in Cork

RIXE are a revelation in pure power Oi! The band is composed of members of other Oi! Favourites such as Lion's Law, Bromure, Maraboots, Squelette and the Sultans, not to mention drummer Maxime's multiple projects such as Condor and Digital Octopus. Stripped down in the best way, their songs hit like a train, with unison vocals from all three members ensuring you'll attempt to sing along even if you haven't a word of French!
Their sound recalls 80s French Oi!, but with more aggro and less sax. Their 3 EPs are all modern day Oi! Classics, and live they have to be seen to be believed.
GRIT released their debut “Ghost Estates” in 2016, which caught the ear and knocked the bollocks off the Irish Oi! scene, offering up a perfect combination of memorable tunes and meaningful lyrics. The band is composed of veterans of the Dublin punk scene, with members of bands like Easpa Measa, Droppin' Bombs, Rat's Blood and many, many more. Their sound has elements of French style Oi! with shades of '77 punk, and they feature female lead vocals, something sadly very rare on the Oi! Scene. Oh, and their
song “Diamond” is an instant anthem, go listen:
THE JOLLARS are Cork's greatest Oi! band by virtue of being Cork's only Oi! Band, but you take what you can get! With singalong choruses and a blend of melody and aggression, they've been compared to the likes of Runnin Riot, Red Alert and The Burial which is damn fine praise if you ask me. As for lyrics expect drinking, class politics, anti-fascism and football, in any order! Their debut album “Half Cut” was released in 2016 on Aggrobeat records. They have a split 7" in the pipeline and are currently at work on album number 2 at the moment.
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