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Old 28-05-2013, 08:52 AM
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Default The Threepenny Kino: 'The Ex - 'Beautiful Frenzy'

Join us in Solidarity Books tomorrow Wednesday May 29th 9pm for a Threepenny Kino showing of 'The Ex - 'Beautiful Frenzy' Dir: Christina Hallstrom and Manra Waback

Film description follows :

" Infectious documentary about Dutch punk band, The Ex. Formed in 1979 and still pulsating over 30 years later, these folks emerged from the squatpunk scene in Holland and have remained committed to truly challenging, liberating music that makes them as at home with Ethiopian jazz players such as Getatchew Mekurya to noise and avant-rock performers like Sonic Youth and Fugazi.

Throughout their career, the band have always kept control over their own production and distribution, while opening up spaces for various musical cultures to interact, always through a grassroots connection with local musicians and audiences.

'Beautiful Frenzy' was shot over a two-year period of performances, tours and rehearsals, with loads of archive footage thrown in to boot.

Since the film's under an hour, if folks wana hang around maybe we can watch some of the extras (basically - lots of concert footage) - but nobody's gona force you. Cos we're anarchists, and that wouldn't be ideologically sound at all...

All welcome, entry is Free and donations are appreciated. As always, books, t-shirts, badges or Zapatista coffee can all be purchased on the night.


Related link: http://www.solidaritybooks.org/event...autiful-frenzy
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