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Old 20-03-2016, 03:35 AM
whitey bulger whitey bulger is offline
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Originally Posted by Flashman View Post
Were they ?
How exactly ?
England could have appointed another lightweight coach - don't forget Lancaster snuck in by the back door on the strength of a win against an All-Black team laid low by a vomiting bug.
They've taken a risk with the pitbull Jones and accidentally won a dull 6 Nations with an average team against every other nation playing shite.
Fact is Southern Hemishpere rugby has not moved on one jot since the humiliation of the world cup.
Italy is now an embarrassment,everyo ne and anyone can beat Scotland and France are a busted flush.
Most years now the 6 Nations is really just England,Ireland and Wales.
Southern Hemisphere dominated the 10 nations rugby tournament with the 6 idiot countries playing with reject SH players playing serious catch up.
So six nations third rate rugby but marketed very well by by the Rogby ghoys
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Old 20-03-2016, 03:38 AM
whitey bulger whitey bulger is offline
Join Date: Jun 2013
Posts: 1,759

Originally Posted by Flashman View Post
Eddie O'Sullivan and Brent Pope ?
These are third-rate,end-of-the-pier journeymen who constitute Irish TV's expert panel.
These buffoons have won nothing,done nothing and achieved nothing yet the Monday morning quarter-backs will be regurgitating whatever they say as though it's gospel.
Fact is an average English team won a poor 6 Nations and every rugby fan in the southern hemisphere is pissing themselves laughing.
We're a joke here in Aarland when it comes to anslysts
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Old 20-03-2016, 02:22 PM
Coogee Coogee is offline
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England the best team of the tournament and deserved the grand slam

Ireland just about get a pass mark and a lot needs to be done to challenge for next years championship but with 7 more games this year there is plenty opportunity to get things right

So what have we learned about the irish squad

Mcgrath..first choice looshead. Excellent six nations
Best..dodgy lineout throwing at times and not sure if his leadership is strong enough.
Ross..still the best option to hold up the scrum..offers nothing in the loose though and we need furlong to develop in the next 12 months
Ryan...great season
Toner...useless and should be replaced by Henderson and Dillane
Stander...Irelands player of the tournament
TOD..decent in the games he played. better option than VDF for now
Heaslip..mixed the good with the bad. Jamie only turns up and plays well when Ireland are on top and beating teams like yesterday. Was nowhere to be seen in Twickenham and Paris. Should finally be dropped when SOB and POM return
Murray..another fine tournament and becoming a real leader and decision maker
Sexton...best 10 in NH still and miles ahead of Jackson/Madigan etc
Earls...did well and good to see him get a run of games without injury
Henshaw..developing into a serious player but would prefer tot see him at 13
Payne..,massive in defence and did nothing wrong. would like to see him attack more from full back
Trimble...seems to have lost his pace a bit like Bowe...may loose out in the next 12-18 months
Zebo..inject a bit of pace and style into the team. Kearney is finished


Healy needs to get his form back or will find himself 3rd or 4th choice behing Cronin and Kilcoyne

Cronin and struass are very differnet players and offer different things off the bench but not sure either are a better option than best

Need furlong to develop and start a few games before the year is out. white is not up to it

Dillane is an exciting prospect and should get gametime. Toner should only get on the bench if one of Ryan,Henderson, Dillane is injured

huge competition in the back row once POM/SOB come back..throw the likes of VDF/Ruddock/Henry/Murphy etc intot he mix and there are huge options

Reddan needs to be put out to pasture and marmion given a chance...worringly there are no options beyond reddan and marmion though

Jackson surely deserves a shot as Madigan just isn't a reliable 10

lots of options in midfield with Olding/Mccloskey/Marshall and possibly Ringrose getting a cap before the year is out

Again plenty options in the outside backs with Bowe and Fitz to come back. Surely Gilroy and Matt Healy form Connacht deserve a chance too

All in all plenty option for Joe to play around with. one win in south Africa and a win in the autumn are the minimum requirements
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Old 20-03-2016, 08:13 PM
nelly sham nelly sham is offline
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Originally Posted by Eoin View Post
Back to being cunts, which suits them, the same as the 03 team.

HArtley did a good job as captain I thought.
Yeah Harltey has been very good, looks a different player under Jones.
Will be interesting to see what happens when he gets back to Northampton.
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