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Old 24-08-2007, 03:04 PM
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Default MISS MOTIF (Live + DJ Set) + LPX (Electric Fix - Dublin) 31st Aug



This Leading international female dj commands the decks as "Miss Motif" with her captivating stage presence and energetic performances. Miss Motif started djing 10 years ago ,She always had a love for music since an early age. She grew up in a house where music was very much appreciated by her family. Her father being a drummer in a band gave her a sense of rhythm and a love of beats.

Miss Motif's involvement with the Heineken Thirst dance event saw her reach the final in the dj competition, beating hundreds of entrants to second place. A few months later Daniele Davoli, who was supporting Paul Oakenfold on the First Thirst tour, remembered her when Italian dance maestros The Vespa Bros were looking for a vocalist for their new track. He called Mandy and she recorded the vocals in London at chill-out artist Andrea B's studio. The track called Freedom was released on Rise in Italy and made it to number seven in the Italian dance charts.
Miss Motif recorded vocals for her second track called Up & Down with the same collaborators but under the new name of Scent. Miss Motif has written all the tracks and is now finished her first album with Scent. Their track Up & down has been signed to EMI's Positiva record label. ". The album is a mixture of sounds from pop to rock to even electro; I think I will cater for everyone’s taste young and old. I just want to get it out there so that everyone can appreciate it as much as I do!!" Up & down was the first single to be released from the album and It reached a top 20 position in the U.K charts last year as well as reaching number 1 in both the buzz chart and the cool cuts charts. Miss Motif was invited to sing Up & Down live (on Pete Tongs essential selection show) on radio 1 in Ibiza in front of thousands of people at Café Mambo. She also played a very lively dj set afterwards in Kanya.The video was shot in London and was shown on MTV.

Miss Motif was asked to be a resident on the entire Heineken music world tour as a dj and vocalist, travelling to Asia, North and South America, Africa, Australia and Europe. The tour which is headlined by the worlds number one dj, Tiesto , Oakie and Radio 1s Pete Tong, showcased Mandy’s hard work and dedication. The tour kicked off in her home town of Cork, Ireland and says Miss Motif "It really put into perspective how much I'd achieved in one year, here I was on stage singing a track I had written myself to all my friends and family and knowing I would be heading off around the globe with Tiesto, Pete Tong, Oakie, Daniele Davoli and Smokin Jo on a dj talent search playing to thousands of crazy clubbers!" Miss Motif has played in all the major clubs around the world and has gained admiration for her energetic and amazing stage performances. As it came to the end of the Thirst 2 world tour, a very tired but happy Mandy looked back on the past year with a lot of great memories but looked forward to to many new experiences yet to come. Since finishing with Thirst Mandy has played for many clubs and festivals including gatecrasher, club 10 and Cargo in London, The Peppermint club in Dubai, Zouk in Malaysia, Crystal in Lebanon and many more.

She is due to release her second single this summer with Scent, but is also working on a solo album that will be released under her dj name Miss Motif. It will feature all of her own writings and productions as well as some collaboration with other amazing artists and producers such as "Starkillers", Dj Montana and Ignition Technician to name but a few. Not a woman to stay idle Mandy has now started working with a second band "Babynot" showcasing her love for rhythm and melodies acoustically. You can Check out Miss Motif at www.myspace.com/missmotif and www.myspace.com/babynotband or alternatively you can check out our brand new website at www.babynot.com Over the last few months Miss Motif has been doing her very own show on Irelands premier online dance radio.www.techfmireland.com "Its something I've always thought about doing, I love presenting my own show and playing great tracks to so many people all around the world. Her show also features guest mixes from djs making waves in the music industry at the moment. You can log in and listen at www.techfmireland.com

LPX is Kildare man Leigh O'Gorman a producer who specialises in brooding punk infused experimental electronica, as heard on two recent (and highly recommended) releases, Experiments in Dub and HiFi and Easy Music for Difficult Ears.If you want something done right, do it yourself. That's Leigh all over. On LPX releases he provides the (occasional) vocals, the programming, the production AND plays all the instruments. Leigh is also the man behind The Electric Fix, a musical collective running gigs around Dublin.

LPX finally launches his new mini-album "Experiments in Dub and HiFi" on Saturday August 25th in the Boom Boom Room

After a quite year (and a bit of a rethink), LPX finally got 'round to remixing and remastering the free download release of "Experiments in Dub and HiFi" and is now putting it out on a bright shiny sparkling CD.
It's still (mostly) free however - if you wish get a copy, just send a package envelope with cost of postage and it will be distributed immediately.

This 9-track piece (that was originally released on www.alphabetset.net) lasts exactly 30 minutes and mixes electronica with chilled out orchestral and folkesque bits and bobs (which recently got its live airing as the back Martin Hanley-Hopkins)

Anyhoo, here's the track listing:
1. Some Decent Fucking Music for Once, Part One
2. Some Decent Fucking Music for Once, Part Two
3. Canine/Feline (edit)
4. I Hope You Choke
5. Heartbeats and Knife Attacks
6. Seventeen
7. Tension
8. George C. Robinson
9. File (away for editing...)

Miss Motif will perform a live set as well as a DJ set on the night while LPX will have a 50 minute all out loud set!




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Old 24-08-2007, 03:30 PM
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Good luck with this...

Interview with Miss Motif here... http://www.drop-d.ie/archive/article.asp?article=501
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Old 28-08-2007, 07:44 PM
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You can download a live set from LPX from his last time @ Electric Underground in the Tikki Lounge here


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Old 29-08-2007, 06:23 PM
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There should be an interview with Miss Motif in tomorrow's Downtown section of the Echo.

Also check the clubbing listings on www.entertainment.ie

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Old 29-08-2007, 08:42 PM
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Sounds like its going to be a great night, Miss Motif is a great dj
Its All About The Music
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Old 31-08-2007, 10:33 AM
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Thumbs up

Thanks a lot!!

Just a quick reminder that this gig is happening tonight,anyone not heading to electric picnic should try to make it into the liquid lounge where Lpx and I are both gonna do live sets,followed by a dj set from me...

Hope to see y'all there!

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