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Old 19-11-2008, 12:36 PM
goldey goldey is offline
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Default Loads of goodies to go!

Im selling basically all my posessions as im leaving for down under soon...and dont intend on coming back in the near future,sooooooo,

HP Desktop,dual core 1.8g,i think 120gb of storage,2mb ram,17 inch flat screen monitor TWO pro sound cards,1 worth 80 and the other worth 140,ive done most my music recording on this machine and it hasnt let me down once,runs on vista.Will throw in a pair of jvc speakers if you want and a Big 3 shelved glass desk worth 130,this system was bought in march so must even have a warrenty still,im selling for 450 ono.SOLD

PS3,bought in june used for one week straight then used entirley for dvds!!Special edition GTA4 pack or somthing,still have to box and all that comes with 3 games,2 of which i have never played,and to prove this i still have the gamestop bag that there in!Will find out what they are and put them up,40gb memory.300 ono.SOLD

Laney 200 watt amp,the sound off this thing is MASSIVE have had it 2 years,not gigged to much so the sound is still fantastic,one big 15" 3 channels,for clean overdrive and just plain dirty!Bought this for 400,will let it go for 200 ono.

Beko 15' tv,portable one,40quid,no remote unfortunatly.

PS2,2 controllers,a fair few games i think,in perfect working order.50quid.SOLD

Korg Pad Kontrol,16 pads.x-y pad section(kind of like a modulation/pitch wheel on a midi keyboard)Loads of other stuff too, great piece of kit,and fantastic to use live,comes with software and still in box,bought this for 120-150 i think will sell for 70 quid.

M-Audio keystation 49,great midi/usb keyboard,sad to have to sell this,great action,lots of features,50 quid,this incls a proper keyboard stand from like the 80's!!

Berhinger Eurorack UB2222FX mixer,8 mono channels and 4 stereo,LOADS of features,great sounding effects and really good connectivity,i also still have the rack mounting kit for this mixer,90quid.SOLD

York weights,2 dumbells and one...em...long one with the big weights at the end of it!sorry im not a manly man,12 weights in all,from 1.25kg all the way up to 5kg,will sell all of them for 40 quid.still have the boxes for these guys too.SOLD

I'll have more up soon!


Oh yeah just pm me


People with "Share" stickers on there face are cool....

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