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Old 14-09-2005, 10:30 PM
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Default Critical Beatdown Playlist 14/9/05

Yo, just wanna say cheers to everyone who took the time to tune in and text in (espicially the lads asking for system of a down, really weird that I had one of their albums handy). I'll be back next week, same time 8-10 Freak Fm 105.2. For those who didnt tune in I played:

Lord Finesse feat Big L: Yes You May Remix
Edan feat Skillz Ferguson: The E's Have It
The Cenubites: Mommy
J-Live: Car Trouble
First Rate feat Killa Kela: Something In The Way You Make Me Feel
Just-Ice feat KRS ONE: Moshitup
MC Shan & Marly Marl: The Bridge
BDP: The Bridge Is Over
Ultramagnetic MC's: People Can Talk
James Brown: The Boss
Leroy & The Drivers: The Sad Chicken
The Ohio Players: The Funky Worm
Jackie Mitto: Hang Em High
The Upsetters: Popcorn
System Of A Down: Sugar
Gangstarr: Code Of The Streets
The Perceptionists: Black Dialogue
Viktor Vaughn: Lickupon
Prince Paul: The Night My Girlfriend Left Me
Nas feat Q-Tip: One Love
Lootpack: Miss Deja-Vu
Blacksheep: Similack Child
Brand Nubian: Love Me Or Leave Me Alone
KMD: Gasface Refill
Curtis Mayfield: Pusherman
Melvin Van Peebles: Hoppin Johnny
Harlem Underground Band: Smokin Cheebah Cheebah
Jimmy McGriff: The Bird
Ann Winley: Watchdog
Quasimoto: Bullys Hit
Exile Eye: Forward On
Chance & Mr. Barton: Dented Perceptions

Critical Beatdown Radio Freak Fm 105.2 8-10 Wednesdays
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