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www.blaa.ie presents SCRATCH w/The Correkt Minds @ Oxygen (01.12.06) - Peoples Republic Of Cork Discussion Forums

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Old 25-11-2006, 06:49 PM
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Default www.blaa.ie presents SCRATCH w/The Correkt Minds @ Oxygen (01.12.06)

right folks its time for round 2, this week we have tramore's own The Correkt Minds joining us in Oxygen, for SCRATCH

Correkt Minds have been creating music as a group for just over a year.
Since then, they are ever improving and are always exploring new musical avenues.
Although they try to express as much originality in each track as possible,
Correkt Minds have established an unmistakable sound.
Their crisp beats and unique flows can be described as passionate and profound.
The group is made up of 5 members,
Mook (mc/producer), Mouse (mc), Sam (mc), Kav (mc) and Kev (producer/dj).
They have showcased their talent and love for performing in various venues around Ireland
(Oxegen music festival 2006,
LimeLight Belfast 1st of june,
Radio city Dublin (many times),
Baldyman & the cellar in tramore. 21st of july, 21st & 29th october)

As-well as making appearances on a few radio stations(Wlr fm with Mark Graham & Feile Fm Belfast).
Correkt Minds create music sheerly for the love of the art
Although they are'nt too concerned with popularity,
they are set, never the less, to make their mark on hip hop in Ireland.

as usual resident Jay Ru will be on hand to get the party started. doors open at 11. admission is 8 yo yo's 5 with a flyer. c u there :bouncey:
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