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Old 20-01-2011, 12:11 PM
Boutique Burlesque Boutique Burlesque is offline
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Default Boutique Burlesque

Farewell Celebration Boutique Burlesque

After three very successful, passionate, extravagant, unforgettable years, it is time for Cork’s own beloved Boutique Burlesque to face the final curtain.

We invite all flappers, bohemians, jazz hands, swing daddies, hepcats and burlesque beauties to come and celebrate in style one more time at the Crane Lane Theatre on Wednesday 26th January 2011.

To make this a night to remember, we have arranged an impressive array of some of our all-time favourite acts, including the highly energetic Cuckoo Savante from Galway and our supreme swing DJ and notorious merrymaker Gary Baus.

Watch out for aerial escapades by Miss Behave & Miss Take while Poi Partout might hypnotise you spinning around his psychedelic, colourful, glowing objects. Crooners, quirky songwriters and diva’s; the stage will show too small for the big voices of New Blue Eyes, Stuart Wilde and Miss Pretty Propeller.

And for the cherries on top, we are proud to welcome back the extraordinary, unique Lucy Von Furr, the ever so glamourous, immaculate Miss Pomme D’Amour, the mysterious, gracious Lady Von Envie and our own tongue-in-cheeky, sparkling Foxy Schmackabum.

If you think you’re safe, leaning on the bar at the back – you’re wrong! You might be tricked by Magician Ger Kearney, offered some sweetness by a lollipop girl, or simply shaken up by artist Tom Campbell.

We’ll be serving fancy welcome cocktails for the first lucky few at the door, so come early to avoid disappointment and to toast with us to make this night as unforgettable as the past three years have been!

By pulling the curtain at the height of Boutique Burlesque’s success, Boutiqie Events is making room for fresh ideas to juice up town in the near future. Everyone can use a sprinkle of glamour in their world!

Boutique Burlesque, January 26th 2011, 8.30pm -2am, Crane Lane Theatre, Adm: €10

www.myspace.com/boutiqueburlesque/ boutiqueburlesque@gm ail.com
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Old 27-01-2011, 12:36 PM
Vulcan01 Vulcan01 is offline
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Last night was a great night (no drink cause I was driving) with some fab costumes and the like on the ladies and gents, the live music was class and the DJ lashing out the tunes (Gary Buas) was on flying form.

Pity it was the last one, hopefully something similar will take its place.

I only went to 2 previously but both nights were excellent. Thanks to the guys and gals that out in on.

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