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Old 28-02-2017, 01:27 AM
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Default badly stuck here-need ableton help

to break this down to what I have what I want to achieve and where its going wrong thus far....

what I have is a generic drum rack im using two of its "pads" one for closed hat, 1 for open hat- now so far I got the gist I can "process" said closed hat with compression, eq, etc indivually by itself(easy part so far)...... I just load the plugs onto..... the "pop out" sub channel or chain as they seem to call it, compression eq etc and process the closed hat, then if I want to do everything different i.e different compresser different eq for the open hat, I do same again, basically load new plugins onto the side pop out "little" "sub" channel openhat....

everything is as is expected here I will add if I have a compresser etc on either.. and procceed to pull down this chains fader to minus infinity or whatever all the way down...
u can see the compresser is being fed the same set closed hat signal even though ive pulled the closed hat chain slider all the way down-

this is what I expect to happen, because if u mix the closed hat high or lower slider position in a mix u want to have the compression the same amount no matter where u adjust your level fader, right!!.....

but now that Ive done the closed hat, and then proceeded to do the open hat with a different compresser and different eq(which ive managed)

now I want to process both of these sounds jointly, when im done with fixing them individualy, so once the closed hat is processed and then the open hat processed with perhaps different plugs,
I now want to for an example put a tape emulation plugin inserted to process both together as the last stage

this is where I cant get it to work, espcially without the faders to actually impact the signal being fed to a tape plugin processing both, I need the input signal to the tape plugin to not correlate to a chain fader in the mixer i.e i still want to have same signal strenght no matter what the chain indivdual fader postion is set at-to have the same satuartion IVe created etc

this does not work for me as therefore the lower u bring down a chain fader to sit in a mix accordingly the input so far for me lowers being fed into the tape plugin I dont want that. I want/need the both combined signals to enter the tape plugin, and not have its input, decided, by each sounds chain fader level

here is a simple diagram because that sounds a bit of a mess above

1+1 - (closed hat)+(open hat)
1 - (closed hat & open hat both with tape effect, with tape plug input
signal level non- reliant on fader position
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