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Old 13-01-2018, 11:46 AM
nelly sham nelly sham is offline
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I’ll stick to the contacts and the glasses that make me handsome.

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Old 15-01-2018, 01:48 PM
Lee Bushwacker Lee Bushwacker is offline
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Originally Posted by Duffs View Post
I know of two close friends who had it done. Both went private so I don't know the exact cost, but I believe it was around £400 per eye.

The disclaimer is just a necessary insurance cover for them. One eye is done at a time, so if the first one works correctly, then they will do the next, usually after about 6/8 weeks.

They both said it transformed their lives and when the eye patch came off couldn't believe how ugly their partners really were.

One of my late family members had it done in the 1990s. It worked brilliantly for the first eye but not so well for the second. A bit hit or miss back then maybe.
ABUs are a sandwich short of a picnic!
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Old 15-01-2018, 02:27 PM
thomàs anderson. thomàs anderson. is offline
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I got lazy eye surgery

Now all it ever does is lay on the couch and smoke weed
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Old 18-01-2018, 12:20 PM
Wings Wings is offline
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Got it done just under 2 years ago...both eyes same time..lasik procedure took about 10 seconds per eye and noticed the difference after about 15 mins..had thumping headache and watery eyes on spin home but once i went to bed and slept for an hour or two i was perfect...didn't suffer much haloing at street lights after the next day....mine was 2900 but with health insurance discount included and got about 700 tax back so about 2200 all in...still perfect,last check my eyesight was better than 20/20 (which is only a standard,20/15 is actually better)
all in all a great decision,just raging i didn't do it 10 years ago
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Old 18-01-2018, 12:31 PM
loughboy loughboy is offline
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Have had 3 rounds on my left eye this year, back to the clinic in CUH next monday to start on my right eye. I am diabetic and its rethonopaty ; ie, to stop a bleed occuring in my eye.
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Old 18-01-2018, 02:24 PM
Smaug Smaug is offline
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After seeing Dali's The Eye, I could never do it

Originally Posted by doolaly View Post
...aye, Smaug is fussy about the kind of jigsaw he makes....
Originally Posted by sunbabe08 View Post
awww you're a sweetie *hugs*
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