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Old 24-03-2019, 07:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Rebelbaggie View Post
Sorry lads but some really skewed revisionism going on here. When Atkinson was outed for racism he didn’t just call the seriously dignified Marcel Desailly the n-word he brought all the racial stereotypes he could together by saying “in some schools he would be known as a thick, lazy n-.” What school would that be now Ron? Maybe the school where students would know the answer to one of your favourite questions when you were West Brom’s manager - “Name the six footballers whose names end in ‘o’ who have played for West Brom since the war?” Answer - Ken Foggo, Len Cantello, Joe Mayo and the three sambos. Ho, ho, ho. The three so called ‘sambos’ were Cyrille Regis, Laurie Cunningham and Brendon Batson, absolute legends of the club. When Atkinson got in trouble for racism he kept mentioning how he promoted them when he was manager. He brought in Batson from his old club Cambridge alright but Regis and Cunningham were already first team players brought through by Johnny Giles and in the English U21 team when he arrived. He did something similar with the great Paul McGrath by suggesting he rescued him from the scrap heap. He didn’t. Graham Taylor took McGrath to Villa. In all the years he managed McGrath he continually referred to him as McGraTH, making sure to pronounce the -th. What was that all about? A simple mistake? It was hardly as if the great man’s name was unknown. It’s clear from the texts here that Atkinson has had some success in promoting himself as a victim. Some bloody victim.
Atkinson made an offer from Sheffield Wednesday for McGrath, Aston Villa's offer was accepted .
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