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Default Percolator - Sestra LP info & 'Crab Supernova' video

Penske Recordings is excited to announce the debut album from Percolator. Painstakingly recorded at Guerrilla Studios, Sestra is due for release on April 14th in Ireland/ France (through Penske/ Permafrost) & Friday April 28th in the UK/ EU/ Worldwide.
The record’s mixture of melody and noise is occasionally abrasive but rarely harsh. Taking some cues from bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Stereolab and the Creation/ Cheree/ Slumberland/ Sarah Records stables, their music comprises propulsive rhythms and gauzy synthetic textures, along with guitar work that is both muscular and delicate.

Percolator are a 3 piece band formed in 2009 by former members of Dae Kim. Since 2012, the lineup has consisted of founding members Ian Chestnutt (guitarist, singer) and Eleanor Myler (drummer, singer), with former Katie Kim, Ilya K bassist, John ‘Spud’ Murphy. Their diverse sound draws influences from krautrock, shoegaze, electronic music, and progressive rock.
The band have produced a string of releases including Flicker (2009), Yellow Fire (2011), Little Demon (2013) and Law & Order (2016) and have played support to several notable acts including Michael Rother (NEU!), A Place To Bury Strangers, Deerhoof and Charles Hayward (This Heat). The trio are set to tour Europe this summer to support the release of their forthcoming debut album.

Spülmaschine | Squishy Future | Law & Order | Kim Chi
Crab Supernova | Yellow Fire | Usen't We | Binkle

Recorded in Guerrilla Sounds Studios by John ‘Spud’ Murphy & Ian Chestnutt
Mixed & Produced at Guerrilla Sounds Studios by John ‘Spud’ Murphy & Percolator
Mastered at Southern Studios by Harvey Birrell
Artwork by Gus Hughes
Design by Paul G Smyth

"Filled with a screeching backdrop and given an added textural haze that finally leads to the grand dynamic finale of the near seven minute running time, Percolator’s latest single is unrelenting as it is uncompromising." - Last Mixed Tape, RE: Law & Order single

"Trio Percolator, playing a blend of 90’s shoegaze, indie noise rock, and repetition....... nice vocal interplay between the drummer and guitarist amidst the syncopated beats and enveloping synth/guitar sound " - Justin McDaid // Golden Plec, RE: Michael Rother gig.

“Keeping things moving along convincingly.” - Charles Hayward, This Heat

Sestra album launch tour:

Sat 15th April – Kasbah Social Club/ Dolans, Limerick (with guests Casavettes)

Friday 28th April – Coughlans, Cork (with guests The Sunshine Factory)

Sat 29th April – Bellobar, Dublin (with guests Ten Past Seven)


​Woven Skull | Fixity | The Altered Hours | Magic Pockets​

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album launch dates:

Friday 28th April – Coughlans, Cork (with guests The Sunshine Factory)


Sat 29th April – Bellobar, Dublin (with guests Ten Past Seven)


Sestra is streaming over at The Thin Air.



“we’re confident in saying this is the Irish album of the year so far, and one that fully confirms Percolator as the most exciting Irish band since Girl Band” – Brian Coney // The Thin Air

“Think of Swans with a leaning towards Neu! krautrock driving rhythms. Swirls of loops and feedback clash and gather, falling in and out of harmony with a solid bass and drum to follow” – Norman Records

“Delicious mixture of the propulsion of Stereolab and the textures and crunch of My Bloody Valentine from this Dublin band’s debut album” – The Underground Of Happiness

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