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Default TN Pas Cher Pretty Little Picture Act Two

Bees, we talked to a lot of photographers. Pittsburgh is a pretty awesome city, filled with tons of great photo options. In fact, most of the pictures in my last post were taken by Pennsylvania photographers! And I preeeetty much contacted Air Max Tn all of them, and then some. Here’s how the Dreamcatchers caught our dream photographer. (I’m sorry, I had to. :P)
Step one: Google the crap out of them. Find their portfolio, reviews, blogs, and any other info on the web. If you like what you see, proceed to step two.
Step two: Send an email asking for pricing. We set Nike Tn our budget to (what we thought was) a fairly high number, so if their packages started over our budget we moved along.
Step three: If I still liked them after reviewing their portfolio yet again, we met face to face.
Step four: Ask to see multiple full albums, especially of weddings that will be similar to yours! This is a very important step, bees!!! When you?re reviewing it think about it this way: If these were your photos, would you be happy with them? Obviously every couple has different preferences (some want more formal family portraits, others want a million detail shots, and some want to focus on getting the best couple shots.) Just be sure that you are confident in your photographer?s ability to capture everything that is most important to you!
Step five: Narrow down your options! I made side-by-side comparisons in my wedding binder on the following parameters.
1. Response time. This was a huge priority for all of our vendors. If you can?t respond to an email within 48 hours, I don?t have time for you. That?s a little harsh, and I know that I am no better or more special than any of their other clients, but most of the time it takes less than five minutes to respond. If we’re paying you hundreds or even thousands of dollars for your services, we should be able to get five minutes of your time in a timely manner. Obviously, this excludes extreme circumstances that someone can?t control. For instance, I had a potential florist go in for emergency surgery, and that?s a pretty good reason for being unresponsive. Use your best judgment, but be wary of hard-to-reach vendors.
2. Price/value. How close to our budget are they, and what is included in that number? Is an engagement shoot included in the price? How many hours of coverage? Do we get any prints or albums? Will there also be a second shooter? Are printing rights included in the package? <–This was the case for about 95% of the photographers we talked to, but it’s always good to double check.
3. Quality. How impressive were their photos? Most photographers can get a handful of good shots. I wanted someone who would be able to deliver a lot of images with almost every one being frame worthy. What photos are they best at? Is there a good mix of posed vs. candid vs. details?
4. Personality. I?m Nike Tn going to be spending over 10 hours with this person, so we should probably have personalities that mesh pretty well. Especially because Mr. Dreamcatcher and I are sort of awkward people…we needed someone who could help us feel comfortable on the most photographed day of our lives.
After a zillion emails, a handful of meetings, and lots of pro/con lists, we settled on Laurel Mountain Photography!
We could not be more thrilled with our choice. Even though Mr. Dreamcatcher didn?t really have any opinions on who to hire, he loves LMP! And how could he not? Their work is positively gorgeous.
Stunning fine art shots? Check.
Beautiful candids. Check.
Perfect details? Check.
Amazing posed shots? Cheeeeeck.
Laurel Mountain Photography far exceeds our expectations for each of the parameters. They?re almost too perfect to be true, right? Well…I?ll be real with you, bees?we ended up going almost $1,000 over budget. Even though our original budget sounded so high, realistically for the quality of photos we wanted…it wasn?t going to happen. Honestly, though, I anticipated this and had the extra money saved anyway. The main thing that pushed us over budget is I really wanted a flush mount album. There was potential for a little push back from Mr. Dreamcatcher because we came up with our budget together…so I gave him the final say if we splurged. Color me surprised, he was all about that flush-mount life! I have complete confidence we?re going to LOVE our photos and adore that album for the rest of our lives. We?re in completely capable hands with LMP, and I can?t wait for them to work their magic on our big day. ?
All photos by Laurel Mountain Photography!
Tags: dawsonphotography BLOGGER Miss Dreamcatcher Location: Dawson, PA Occupation: Audio Specialist Wedding Date: June 2016 Venue: Linden Hall --> PREVIOUS POSTPhotographed! NEXT POSTSugar Rush: Aloha, Honeymoon! Related Posts So in Love: Engagement Pictures, Round One01/19/16 @ 10:37 am Pretty Little Picture: Act One!02/10/16 @ 9:44 am Accident Waiting to Happen: The Next Big Mistake12/30/15 @ 10:14 am Journeys End in Lovers’ Meeting: Meet the Dreamcatchers!12/10/15 @ 10:11 am
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