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Old 25-03-2012, 11:01 PM
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Default Not a single response from my post on Roy Keane

Has anyone on this site seen my previous post on this issue?

I am really depressed that there has been little support for my efforts to have the Roy Keane Art Photo by the renowned photographer Murdo McLeod taken out of cold storage and exhibited in Cork's major public Art Gallery (I have to say that your putting a link to the Gallery on the issue buoyed me up, but that was the only response received). I am still working on it, but feel isolated. I posted the issue on the Independent Republic of Cork Website, where I thought I might have some support, but received virtually nothing.

I believe that purely in artistic terms it deserves to be displayed. Look at the photo - I have posted it. There are also wider issues which must be in consideration and would argue strongly in favor of its display. I have not given up on this. I have again emailed the Gallery in question, asking for information as to when the Photograph has been last displayed (I saw it last 2 years ago) and their plans for the future. Roy Keane, in my view, is bigger than football (which is a game I love and follow and is the field of his 'theatre'). He is a heroic modern figure - many proofs of this exist in popular culture, not least the fact that there is already an Opera about him. Why does Roy attain to the status of a 'heroic character'? Because like the Greek Heroes of antiquity, he has this extraordinary integrity of character, which reveals itself all the major situations in which he has found himself. This is extremely rare, valuable, and inspiring. Roy himself would, typically not want to identify with this analysis. He has never aspired to Saint-hood status or Hero-Status. But the Guy is the goods.
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Old 25-03-2012, 11:08 PM
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Why not get on to Neil Prendeville? He's on the Board of the Crawford Gallery.
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Old 27-03-2012, 08:54 PM
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Fwiw I'm with you - the Crawford has a lot of wall space taken up by average work. However I recognise that they could say, and I think fairly, that the photo in question was taken to illustrate a newspaper article and is, as much photojournalism is, arguably a touch sensationalist and not an artwork.
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Old 16-04-2012, 02:22 AM
MichaelX1 MichaelX1 is offline
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Despite a weak response from this website I am still pursuing this issue. I am disappointed at the response from the Forum, but that is life. As I have said above, Roy Keane is something more than the brilliant football figure. He is a cultural hero. Proof - already there is a musical - opera - play. And Murdo McLeod's Art Photo captures this reality. NOW FOR AN UPDATE TO MY STRUGGLE TO HAVE HIM REINSTATED IN THE CRAWFORD MUNICIPAL ART GALLERY.

I have been in contact with the Head Person in the Crawford Art Gallery, who tells me that the Art Photo of Roy Keane was produced on paper from a photograph, and if exhibited for too long, will deteriorate - and that is the reason why it has been taken out of circulation. It has been gone for almost three years. However I have asked a few basic questions to which I have received no satisfactory response: a) When exactly was it last exhibited - for how long etc; b) Is it possible to produce other Prints of this photograph which might be exhibited in view of the fragility of the surface? c) details of the process which produced this art work ... etc... As mentioned I have failed get an appropriate response. What I have been getting is rather patronising answers, saying that the Gallery is glad that the photograph is 'not forgotten' and it will be exhibited again 'some time'. I am told repeatedly that the photograph is on paper and when exposed to light for a long period - will deteriorate. This is true. But in this modern electronic age there are many alternatives. Photographs can be reduced to electronic files and endlessly reproduced, with little loss of quality. Surely this can be done with the Roy Keane Art Photograph and copyright issues taken care of.

The photograph, you may be interested, appears as a touristic attraction for Cork and is listed as one of the 10 most influential photographs by the Guardian Newspaper (see here: http://www.virtualtourist.com/travel...lery-BR-1.html
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