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Originally Posted by dan ball View Post
Barring more miracles from De Gea, Liverpool should win this. Their defence is much improved recently, there's no comparison in terms of attacking players. There is the derby effect which traditionally was a leveller but i think that concept is a bit overplayed as we saw by the recent "red monday" borefest. Also there's little needle in these games any more. So it's a liverpool win for me, Smalling up against Firmino and Salah. Christ! Also, Van Dijk should easily deal with Lukaku.
That's a pretty fair summary, IMO.

Utd were very good in defense and attack, at the beginning of the season. However, they've begun to leak goals to relegation contenders. Lindelof looks brittle and they have 2 converted wingers at full back.

Midfield has gone back too - Pogba has lost form (big time) Matic has played too many games, Herrera is injured and McTominay looks very raw.

Utd have suffered in attack too - Lukaku's scoring rate has fallen off. Rashford doesn't score anymore. Lingard has had a dip in form too. Alexis hasn't had the expected impact.

Liverpool, in contrast have improved in defense (including GK) Their MF is adequate and their forwards are as dangerous as ever (even post Coutinho)

The positives for Utd is that Mourinho is a shrewd tactician and the team spirit is good, coming off 2 impressive come-backs v Chelsea and Palace.

Utd will play it very tight and look for a draw IMO - I see Liverpool as shading it.
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