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Hose-A tries to wind up the drunk Scot

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has taunted Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson by claiming United are "lucky" not to be playing the Blues next week.

Chelsea cut United's lead at the top of the Premiership to three points at the weekend after beating Tottenham, while United lost to Portsmouth.
Mourinho said: "United are very lucky they don't have to play here next week. Can you imagine them here next weekend?
"That's the game where they will slip up, against us, so they're very lucky."

But Mourinho said: "I was not surprised Ferguson complained about our fixture because he is intelligent and maybe he thinks other people are stupid.
"But the truth is United are very, very lucky with the fixtures because, until now, they have always played before us."
Mourinho added: "Ferguson is an intelligent man, a successful man with a great career. "But when you think other people are stupid it is not a good quality."

The Run-in

Man Utd's remaining Premiership fixtures:
Tuesday, 17 April
(H) Sheff Utd
Saturday, 21 April
(H) Middlesbrough
Saturday, 28 April
(A) Everton
Saturday, 5 May
(A) Man City...........this will be an interesting tie

Wednesday, 9 May
(A) Chelsea
Sunday, 13 May
(H) West Ham

Chelsea's remaining Premiership fixtures:
Wednesday, 18 April
(A) West Ham
Sunday, 22 April
(A) Newcastle
Saturday, 28 April
(H) Bolton
Sunday, 6 May
(A) Arsenal
Wednesday, 9 May
(H) Man Utd
Sunday, 13 May
(H) Everton
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