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Old 17-07-2016, 09:14 PM
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Originally Posted by doolaly View Post
You think so? you, feen and that other waste would last not long with us north Atlantic...a troupe of 'welfare monkeys' dicking around on welfare unable to even wank...do you share time on squandering more dole money on yer Disabled Scooters, eh you fat fucks...even dragged overboard ye couldn't attract sharks..poor price for blubber these days...PROC wanks is what you are, crawling fat fucks without a leg to stand on (smirk) 'brah' assume you mean 'braithai'r you fucking pikey....pretend to have a first grasp of language...Tuigsinn. .?smirk,
Doolaly you're gonna have to calm down m8.
Relax, take a deep breath.

At the end of the end you're only enemy is yourself, pal.
We're all here for you. You might feel better in the short term spouting off that nonsense but it'll consume you in the long run.

If you want to talk abut this, pm me or Matlock.
We at the PROC don't let our members down.
We've all been in your boat, Dolally m8. The anger has gotten the better of us.
But there's always a way out. Trust me, I know. Only too well.
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