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Originally Posted by Roxetten View Post
They'll find out if residents complain, that is presuming the residents have their contact details which can be obtained from the PRTB if the landlord is registered but even this is not straightforward and you have to fill out a complaint form to access the details. Of course some residents may be afraid to complain, those galoots from the country can probably seem intimidating to frail old people.
Absolutely. Theyíll find out if a complaint is made but thatís assuming a complaint is made. Very difficult for a landlord to know about it unless theyíre informed and even once informed what do they do? Who do they evict and how do they evict them? What about tenantís rights?

Some residents may be afraid to complain and some may be old and frail bits weíre delving into smaller and smaller sections of society. First itís all the residents. Iíve no doubt some students make life hell for their neighbors but itís up to the affected residents to document the problems and present them. If the landlord is unaware then there isnít much they can do. Iíd bypass the landlords too because that could be months of hassle. Go straight to the college.
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