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Originally Posted by Kimeartimmyboy View Post
Who graduate and later on in life eventually snap up one or two of these properties, live far away out in the sticks away from the madness and have a steady income from said properties.

I think a partial solution here would be to heavily fine the landlords of the problem houses. Fuck em.. they're happy to be cute hoors on the property ladder, it's high time they took the responsibilty that accompanies it.
I think that would help but you need evidence and so it's down to the residents to make a log of all incidents of misbehaviour, calls made to the Gardai etc, I'd say elderly people would find it hard to do all that, any member of the residents association in the College road area could easily point out the worst problem houses because the are the same ones every year, you can tell them even by looking at the state of them from the outside. I'd like to see such houses blacklisted so that students are barred from staying in them, that would have to be enforced by making every student register with the college where they are staying.

I don't think the college take the problem seriously at all, if they did they could use their administrative means to stamp it out for once and for all, they are more than happy to play lip service to it alright with some complaints procedure in place but that seems like a fig leaf to me, and it's no good if you have a problem at 1am in the morning with the student on your street behaving like wild animals! Aswell as that I think the students will know who made the complaint so that could be off-putting aswell.

These students add nothing positive to the area around College road and from a residents point of view neither does the college, it's the source of great stress and anxiety to many.

Originally Posted by Jinky View Post
How often would a landlord find out about that kind of behavior though and what could they do about it? Tenants have fairly strong rights when it comes to eviction etc. It would be in a landlord’s best interest to get rid of problem tenants. There should maybe be some punishment from the college on it. Maybe residents should be able to go to colleges and the colleges in turn deal with the landlords. That might solve it.
They'll find out if residents complain, that is presuming the residents have their contact details which can be obtained from the PRTB if the landlord is registered but even this is not straightforward and you have to fill out a complaint form to access the details. Of course some residents may be afraid to complain, those galoots from the country can probably seem intimidating to frail old people.
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