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Old 18-07-2019, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Roxetten View Post
I am basing my comments on the antics of your buddies when Gemma tried to organise an event in Cork a few months ago, if any of the hotels in question had allowed her to hire out a room then your fellow goons would have forced entry to the building and rushed the stage to heckle and perhaps even throw stuff at her, if she had tried to make an impromtu speech on the street that night your thugs would have subjected her and anyone with her to verbal abuse if not worse.

You see Gemma has you losers tied up in knots, and deep down you know it.

She's able to play your type like a fiddle, most sensible people wouldn't take the slightest notice of her and those who would give her credence on issues like vaccination are beyond help anyway.

In Gemma we trust.

You bum.
You defend your bullshit by making up more bullshit. Marvellous comedy!
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