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Old 07-05-2013, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by corkamateurdrama View Post
Hello, I am a songwriter from Cork City and I am looking to form a new band.

Currently, the type of songs I am writing are folky, see the link below for a home demo (band name is something from my favourite film, I am flexible on it):


but I have written a broader range of stuff in the past, here (up until last year) I was composing and arranging the music only (the top two songs are an acoustic set we did on radio, scroll below for proper recordings):


But for now, I seem to be writing folky stuff. Initially, I would like to use rehearsal studios that provide a back line. But that's just my preference.

A band set-up I would ideally like would be drums, bass, 1-2 guitars and keys. If possible, I would also like a proper percussionist, but that might be fanciful thinking. I would also like one female voice somewhere in there. Finally, I would prefer if at least three members can sing. I can sing, so that's one down.

I'm not too picky about age, so long as you turn up to rehearsals, and not be constantly stoned/drunk. A while back I auditioned a guy, and he was great, we went for a smoke break and he came back stoned off his box and couldn't remember any of the songs. Well, I can laugh now...

So, if you are interested, let me know.

I would be interested! A flute/sax/keys player. Give me a PM and I'll send you on my phone number
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