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Old 02-05-2019, 04:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Rebel CNC View Post
Think u18 was more natural age group for minor - not only did it reflect club minors but that extra year makes massive difference for some of the players in terms of their physical development.

Rebel Og used too be excellent in providing online news and info on the development squads and underage tournaments. Has lapsed in last year or two. Don't think it's related to the change from u18 to u17.
I'd say U17 comes under Cork County Board and not Rebel og, which might explain part of it.
I think with the new rules about u17s not being allowed to play adult level, players who may of gained exposure playing with their clubs 1st team in the past is no longer happening.
Think back to the mid noughties when 3 minors received man of the match awards in the senior, intermediate and junior finals and they were all Cork minors. That creates a natural buzz about it.
Also, with the new age and Harty gone to U19, less players are dominating in that sphere as well, so all those things probably lead to less interest in it
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