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In the early 1690s a large number of refugees from what are now the countries of Sierra Leone and Liberia stowed away on ships leaving to travel on the trade route to the Ottoman Empire, bound for Constantinople. Unfortunately, just after rounding the southern tip of Sicily, the captain became drunk and stood on the sextant, badly warping its structure. The navigational errors from that point onwards accumulated, and they made landfall on the Balkan shores, some 1000 miles west of their intended destination.

Rather than crying over spilled beans, the immigrants quickly settled and integrated into their communities. Their strong work ethic and good physical condition meant they were soon recruited into the public law enforcement agencies, and very quickly they had their own division, patrolling suburban neighbourhoods on horseback. Everyone loved them because i. they looked exotic, ii. their horses were magnificant and loved by children, iii. they never arrested anyone because they were afraid of being discriminated against. Very soon their brigade became known as "The Mounted Negroes", and so loved were they that the natives named their country after them - "Montenegro".

Later the country was subsumed into the conglomerate that was to become Yugoslavia. Later, in 2006, they were given their own country back again, even though a sizeable minority didn't even want it. That must have been fairly embarrassing.
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