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Default Parents of the year

24 previous convictions. What hope has the child in this world?

Father was 'foaming at mouth' as he and drugged-up wife took their baby for a walk


A couple out walking their baby in a pram were so intoxicated on drugs that the father was "foaming at the mouth" and the mother "didn't know what part of the planet she was on".

Telesales workers Daena Walsh (22) and Adam Corcoran (24), were both arrested for their own safety after bystanders called gardai, concerned over their state of “extreme intoxication”. Both were incoherent, while Corcoran had a lit cigarette in his foaming mouth as he leaned into the buggy.

Judge John Hughes said that it was a “distressing and disturbing” case and it was hard to have any sympathy for the accused, whose infant son had been “entirely dependent” on them. He fined them €450 each.

The accused, both from Cois Na Cora, Powdermills, Ballincollig, Co Cork, pleaded guilty to public intoxication. Dublin District Court heard gardai were called to Anglesea Street, Temple Bar on October 19 last year at 8.20pm. There had been a report from members of the public who were concerned for parents and a child in a pram.

Members of the public pointed gardai towards the accused.
Worth too much to the legal system to keep them from the safety of the public.
Poor kid doesn't stand a chance.
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