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Old 18-10-2019, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Lostmeringtopaddypow er View Post
What kinda pussies are they?

Where were you supposed to go?

Abuja or Lagos?

If a man can get through Lagos the rest of life is just pure gravy.
If it was just Abuja, it would have been grand. There was a four hour car journey to the east. I'm not as translucently white as a ginger norrie, but I don't exactly look local in Nigeria, so the option was either that we blast through the road blocks and hope that whitey here doesn't get hit by debris, or drive normally and hope that our security has been sufficiently well paid to return fire rather than handing me over. Our global H&S lad liked neither option, so I'm going to Lapland instead.
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