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Originally Posted by BrgLethbridgeStewart View Post

I'm moving to Cork with my wife and one year old son from Toronto so I can study medicine at UCC. We could use some advice! What neighborhoods should we look at? We'd prefer to get by without a car. What websites are useful for finding apartments or houses for rent?
Also, any ideas for childcare? What resources/ options are available?

Any help is much appreciated!
I'd avoid the immediate area around UCC as it being student central it is also party central and probably not the best for a family.

Areas near by that are nice and are a walking distance from the city and UCC would be the likes of
Sundays Well
Friars Walk
Barracks St.
To name but a few. Cork City is quite small so it's quite possible to live central and not need a car. Public transport is relatively OK here.

Looking for a place your first port of call should be www.daft.ie

The standard form here is a deposit plus a months rent in advance and they generally ask for reference from employers etc. Renters market is pretty good here at the mo so don't be afraid to haggle on the rent.
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