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Old 14-10-2005, 06:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Stuart Murdoch
Oh, please, it was dragged out to fuck!
That was the longest goddam proposal in movie history.
You didn't think it got a tiny bit repetitive with him and the chick?
I could have done with a bag of those pills to stay awake!

And how am I a twat for pointing out what is obvious?
This is everyone-gets-a-medal-day meets Emporer's New Clothes and it's getting to be rigoddamdiculous.
You're a Twat for focusing on such a ridiculous point..so what if he has a scar on his lip...he was the right man for the job at the end of the day.

I don't think it was dragged out to 'fuck' as you say I found that period of his life very interesting. Yes it was probably the longest proposal in movie history but it wasn't a movie for them it was real life at the time & that's how it happened.

What do you think they should have scrimped on the facts to make it more 'Hollywood' & wrap it up all neatly is it?. That was half the charm of the movie for me they were clearly meant to be together but life got in the way & that's how long it took for them to get it together. The man in black was fasinated with June for 24 years 'til they got it together she clearly loved him but was battling against her image & christian beliefs to be with the 'bad boy' of the time.

Where you actually paying attention to the movie at all or where you transfixed on his 'scar' for the whole time?
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