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Old 23-05-2019, 01:36 AM
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Just wanted to share a station created in 2014.

I asked before posting.

I put this together as part of a college assignment in 2014.. weird.
Gave me something to work on and write about for different projects.
It didn't start out as a Henry's station, but it's definitely a bit old skool.

Would be great if we had someone else uploading/updating the playlists.

The channel has changed a bit since, it's more Henry's and classic house.

There's a playlist link on the radio page, anyone is welcome to add to it.

Anyway.. the channel's still streaming if you'd like to have a listen.
Runs on an auto-dj playlist but can switch if there's a live broadcaster.
We can create dj account if anyone wanted to connect and do a live slot.

Listen on Mixlive.ie or download the radio app.

Hope you enjoy..

House & Techno Classics on MixLive.ie

Shoutcast Status Page: http://mixlive.ie:9664/
Direct To Web Player: http://mixlive.ie:9664/;house
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