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Originally Posted by SoundMan View Post
If you can get your hands on a book called The Committee - not sure if it's still banned or not it goes into great detail about David Trimble (him of being on stage with Nobo fame) head of the Unionist Party and King Rat (aka Billy Wright) meeting up in Drumcree and how the "Committee" on which Trimble sat were selecting targets for the LVF (BW's mob).

Anne Cadwalader's "Lethal Allies" is also a very informative read.

UUP and DUP come out with SF/IRA narrative all the time. They like to pretend they weren't involved in the violence that plagued the north but they were up to their necks in it. And were aided and abetted by british establishment in much of it.
No doubt helped by the british in the hope it would back the ira into a corner,
ye stop or we will continue killing catholics,
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