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Old 01-08-2015, 02:11 PM
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Originally Posted by mrmovingcork View Post
Hi all, I'm hoping to move myself and young family to cork. Just have a question - how commutable is bishopstown/douglas/frankfield to Blackpool? Are these area good for creches/schools. I have been trying to find bus routes but they are so hard to find... Any info on bus routes or whether thes places are easily commutable by bike would be great. I am open to any other suggestions of places to live commutable by public transport (not driving yet!) Thanks a mil.
Basically Blackpool is on the northside of the city where as Douglas, Frankfield and Bishopstown are on the southside .

If you got a bus from douglas it would go as far as Ballyvolane which isn't too far from Blackpool. Also the walk from the city center to Blackpool is short enough. If you are used to cycling then a cycle from any of the places you mentioned to Blackpool is do-able.

Frankfield, Douglas & Bishopstown all have large residential areas , i.e young families so plenty of creches etc . Be aware though demand for creche spaces has soared of late and can be a bit of a job getting one. Get on the ball with that asap would be my advice .
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