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Old 08-01-2008, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Claire Bergin View Post
how much effort are we talking?? More than 12 minutes/slut??
key to the model is the connection and desire stage... the interest and attraction stages are often stages that a bob will go through without even realising they're doing it... hence the no shortage of birds that will leave one pub and come with us to another...

the connection stage is critical. if you have this - you basically cannot not pork her - unless you do something stupid.

the connection stage is also the longest - if you are looking to get the pork within 2 hours of meeting - you're going to be spending 30 mins on this stage alone.

i would break it down in terms of time - as:
interest - 30 seconds
attraction - 5 to 10 mins
connection - 30 mins to hour
desire - 15 mins
fucky wucky - depends on how hot the slut is. very hot - 3 seconds. cork - hours.

obviously the time above does not add up to 2 hours. but you don't move directly from one stage to another - there are buffer stages between each formal stage which i call "bum fluff" stages - basically where you talk shit - pretend you're interested in her silly babble - get her to buy you a drink etc. -etc. - and find out things about the slut that you use later on.
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