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Old 12-05-2006, 09:23 AM
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Originally Posted by angelicious
Cheers man! I took it out for a test drive last night - considering the only car I've ever driven is my punto this thing felt like driving a spaceship! I couldn't believe the difference. It's probably because I'm just not used to it but driving it felt more awkward than anything. In the punto, I put the foot on the accelerator & I pretty much take off. The jimny was another story - the only thing that takes off are the revs. It also felt very slow to pick up speed going up in gears. Manouverability was excellent though.
The condition was fairly good, it had a few scrapes but I suppose most 7 year old cars would at this stage but the wipers were a bit wonky as well.

I think I'm gonna give this one a miss, it's not like I'm in any huge rush to get one so I'm gonna keep the peepers peeled. If anyone spots any up for sale between 6 - 7k, I'd appreciate the heads up!
Watch out - if you press the accelerator hard and the revs jump up before settling down and you then get acceleration it could mean that the clutch is on the way out. Heard that there's feck all boot space in them too, if it makes a difference to you.
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