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Originally Posted by madtheory View Post
I'm trying to figure out why there is a rebate, a separate thing from profit. I suppose it's a good way to pull the wool over people's eyes?
The rebates would form of the overall annual profit of the promoter.

Bascially, TM will say something like->
put 500,000 tickets through ourselves over 12 months, and you get 75 cent per ticket rebate.
put through 750,000 and the rebate goes up to 1 Euro per ticket.(or on the incremental volume)
etc. etc.

In short, the more tickets they put through TM, the more of a rebate they get, so thats part of the explanation as to why TM sell the vast majority of online ticket sales. Probably well over 90 % of ALL events in the country. So no other compeditor has any chance at all, of competing. These rebates are substantial 6 figure sums, what would anyone do if they were a high volume promoter ? It's a no brainer for them to go to the provider who gives the biggest kickback TM.

Rebates like this are fairly common from high volume suppliers. They are almost always based on volume. It's an anti compeditive practice, at best.
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