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It's very hard to call the league this year.You would expect the relegated sides Bolton-Wolves and Blackburn to be the main challengers as their squads are far superior to the rest.Bolton have been poor pre-season if that means anything.Wolves with their new manager might take a bit to adjust to a new system and no one knows what will happen with Blackburn due to the Kean-fans rift.The best thing that could happen for them is if they have a bad start to remove Kean and bring in a better manager.

Then you have the other clubs that will challenge which includes Leicester-Cardiff-Blackpool and Boro.Holloway is cute and they finished last season very well so expect at least a play-off from them.Boro in their 2nd season with the legend Tony Mowbray will be a threat to as will Leicester who seem to have plenty cash.Cardiff still are very strong and Mackay will have them challenging no doubt.

The few outside those above that might surprise and challenge for promotion(more likely a play-off)will probably be Leeds Utd(Warnock being cute again in the market)but with trouble in the background there i'm not sure how they will go.Warnock knows this league inside out.Then you will have my club Ipswich who might push for a play-off if they can get 2/3 more heads in before the end of the month.

My surprise team for this season is going to be Derby County.
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