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Originally Posted by madtheory
Tom Barry featured in the docu. He claimed that the auxes "surrendered" and put down their rifles, but then they shot two republicans with revolvers when they stood up to arrest them. Barry then gave the order to continue fire, and ignored the auxes next "surrender". These auxes used to go around taking pot shots at people in fields. So no need for Peter Hart- I don't see how he could prove that there was a genuine surrender- the auxes were not known for being honourable.

Great documentary, extremely well edited- the flow was excellent. Basically, the British lost control of their men in Collins's barracks.
Au contraire. Hart's book is worth a read. He cites various eyewitness accounts, but the really key thing he mentions is that the story of the false surrender only cropped up years after the event. Neither Barry nor anyone else in his unit made any reference to it at the time, even in the official report to the IRA. But it seems wildly implausibe that Barry wouldn't have mentioned such a key fact to his superiors. If Hart is right in that, it's pretty unlikely that there really was a false surrender.
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